Paul Anthony Pavliscak Provides Grilling Tips for This Summer Season

Paul Anthony Pavliscak

As a grilling enthusiast, Paul Anthony Pavliscak is very excited for the summer season. While countless Americans will be firing up their grills during Memorial Day Weekend to cook hot dogs and burgers, there are so many more options to try this summer. In today’s blog, Paul Anthony Pavliscak will provide some different recipes anyone can try to add more variety to their summer barbecue menu.

Grilled Chicken Cutlets

Grilled chicken cutlets are a great grilling option for those looking to avoid red meat. The key to cooking grilled chicken breasts is to cook 90 percent of the chicken breast on one side before flipping it. This grilling technique will keep the chicken tender and moist. Paul Anthony Pavliscak likes to prepare his cutlets with rosemary, garlic, and lemon.

While naked chicken has some flavor, a quick marinade can really make a huge impact. A simple base of herbs minced with garlic, pepper, and rosemary can be paired with lemon juice and virgin olive oil to start a simple marinade that packs a flavor punch. This marinade is versatile in that it can be applied to the chicken before being placed on the grill and served as a side for dipping once the chicken is served.

Carne Asada

Paul Anthony Pavliscak utilizes skirt steak when preparing carne asada on the grill. The skirt steak is always packed with flavor, but it requires a certain grilling finesse to tender. There are two ways to grill carne asada correctly. Grillers can either turn the heat up and grill it quickly or take the low and slow approach. Carne asada is cooked to a perfect medium at 130 degrees F. Paul Anthony Pavliscak recommends that any griller keeps a meat thermometer handy as it’s typically the only way to know if meat is cooked safely. Before popping the steak on the grill, Paul Anthony Pavliscak recommends marinating the meat for about two hours. Most recipes call for a citrus marinade, which is proven to tenderize the meat properly. Once the steak reaches the proper temperature, wrap it in foil and let it rest for about 20 minutes. This allows the meat to lock in the juices and deliver full flavor.

Carne asada tastes great by itself, but Paul Anthony Pavliscak likes to warm a few tortillas and enjoy carne asada tacos with some fresh tomatoes and a nice salsa. If you have never enjoyed carne asada tacos, Paul Anthony Pavliscak strongly recommends them.

Pork Chops

Paul Anthony Pavliscak is a big proponent of grilling pork chops. Pork chops, like carne asada, can pack a ton of flavor and are easy to grill. One of the best ways to prepare the pork chops is making a marinade in a small bowl with honey, oil, cumin, vinegar and red pepper flakes. Paul Anthony Pavliscak likes to increase the number of red pepper flakes, but this is all a matter of how spicy people like their meat. In order to make sure the marinade covers all parts of the pork chop, place salt, and pepper on either side of the pork chop and then place it in a re-sealable plastic bag along with the marinade. When the meat is in the plastic bag, leave it to rest on the kitchen counter for a single hour. One of the great things about cooking a pork chop on the grill is that it doesn’t take very long. If a grill is on medium to high heat, it should only require four minutes on one side and another three minutes on the other.


Finally, there are so many vegetables that taste better when they are cooked on the grill. In addition to corn and other veggies, Paul Anthony Pavliscak loves preparing zucchini on the grill. Zucchini typically needs to be rotated and cooked somewhere between 12-15 minutes after being cubed. The grill will bring out more flavor in the vegetable. Zucchini also goes well with countless dipping sauces, but Paul Anthony Pavliscak will typically apply just a bit of lemon zest and enjoy.

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